I'm thrilled that you are considering using me to photograph a special time in your life. Because I truly believe photography is art and cannot be replaced due to its emotional value, it has always been difficult for me to put a price on it.  How much is a photograph worth to you? A good photograph. One that you would never give up. One that is so much more valuable than money because it reflects YOU, the real you, at a particular moment in your life. It's a still memory. Yes, you can pay less to have your photo taken at a department store studio or the mall, and certainly there may be a time to do that; however, please keep in mind that the photographer you choose should "click" with you, no pun intended. 

Look at my website. Make an appointment to meet me at my studio, or talk to me on the phone. Ask me questions. You are making an important investment, one that you will keep forever. In my opinion, there really is no amount of money that can equal the emotional value of an honest, artistic photograph. That being said, please call or email me to discuss what you want and specific pricing options.

For children and families, session fees range from $100 for a one hour/one child studio week day session to $200 for an on-location weekend session. Session fees vary, depending on the place, how many people are involved, and week day vs. weekend. Please call 713-253-4236 or contact me through the website on the Contact Us page for more details on pricing.

Thank you for your interest!